UK: Asda adopts removable label format from Coveris

UK: Asda adopts removable label format from Coveris

According to Packaging Europe, Coveris together with artisan meat specialist Finnebrogue, has developed a new removable label format for Asda's premium sausage range.

The linerless label solution – branded “Slidewrap” and developed in partnership with Ravenwood Packaging – is described as a pioneering slidable labelling system which looks and functions like a cardboard sleeve, but with the environmental and process advantages of linerless labels.

“Coveris presented their Slidewrap™ idea at a recent Dragon’s Den session and won. We immediately saw the potential in lightweighting and automation without any compromise in functionality or print quality. We’re thrilled to see the idea hit shelves for the first time on a full product range,” said Mark Armstrong, Asda’s Packaging Development Manager.

According to Joanna Discombe, Finnebrogue NPD and Business Development Manager, “This exciting development means that we no longer have to code numerous sleeves off line adding greater coding control at site, whilst reducing wastage with a system that ultimately still gives us a sleeve on pack with fantastic print quality showing off the product attributes at their best. We are in the process of rolling the technology out to other customers across full premium product ranges who also appreciate the process improvement benefits”.

Source: Packaging Europe