UK: Arla Foods launches Arla Quark

UK: Arla Foods launches Arla Quark

Danish dairy cooperative Arla Foods has announced the launch of Arla Quark, a new line of products based on the “relatively unknown” fat-free soft cheese, for the consumers in the UK.

Offered in the varieties Plain (500g), Garlic & Herb (250g) and Cherry Tomato & Basil (250g), the new product is described as ideal for cooking.

Arla describes Quark as being very well-known in Europe, and having now taken hold in the UK amongst consumers looking for low fat alternatives for ingredients such as ricotta, mascarpone and other soft cheeses.

“With health and wellbeing so much on the agenda and the growing popularity of quark as a healthy ingredient to cook with, we believe Arla Quark is launching at just the right time to capitalise on this trend”, said Arla Foods UK senior brand manager  James Prentice.

The company said the launch would be supported with information highlighting the benefits of quark, as well as recipe suggestions and an online video. The product hits the shelves from mid October 2016.

Source: Arla