UK: Aldi exploring e-commerce possibilities – reports

UK: Aldi exploring e-commerce possibilities – reports

Discount retailer Aldi is mulling a move into e-commerce in the UK, according to an article from Lebensmittelzeitung cited in media reports.

The Telegraph notes that Aldi has so far resisted establishing an e-commerce operation in the UK over concerns that it would not be profitable. Manager Magazin reports that similar discussions have taken place in the German division of Aldi over the past 10 years but have yet to come fruition, as the company has feared that such a move would risk cannibalising existing store sales.

Citing Lebensmittelzeitung, the Telegraph reports that Aldi Sud's sister company Aldi Nord was also weighing up e-commerce possibilities in Spain and Portugal.

A spokesman for Aldi was reported as saying: “E-commerce is not an immediate focus for Aldi as we currently have the best performing business model in the grocery sector. However, it is an area we monitor as part of our customer-focused approach”.

Source: The Telegraph / Manager Magazin