Thailand: New PepsiCo snack plant opens its doors

Thailand: New PepsiCo snack plant opens its doors

PepsiCo has opened a new potato chip plant in Ayudhaya Province, Thailand, Food & Drink Business Europe has revealed.

The new facility forms part of PepsiCo’s strategy of increasing its presence in the emerging and developing markets of Asia Pacific. The potato chip factory began production on February 4th, 2014 and becomes the second plant in Thailand owned by PepsiCo.

The 20-acre factory is claimed to have advanced technologies and the capacity to process more than 20,000 tons of potato chips annually, as well as features that deliver warehousing, logistics and safety efficiencies. The equipment includes bag-making technology that is said to lower operating costs and to run 30% faster that the previous methods

The plant will make both flat cut and crinkle-cut potato chips in up to 20 traditional and regional  flavours. 6,000 Thai farmers will supply PepsiCo’s two Thailand plants with up to 70 of the potatoes required for manufacture.

Source: Food & Drink Business Europe