Thailand: Coca-Cola expands Share A Feeling emoticon campaign

Thailand: Coca-Cola expands Share A Feeling emoticon campaign

Coca-Cola has announced that it is expanding its Share A Feeling marketing campaign – first trialled in Vietnam in July – to Thailand.

According to the company, the campaign brings the “online emoticon communication trend to real-life, inviting Thais to Share a Coke, Share a Feeling via a proprietary set of 39 emoticons” that will be printed on bottles and cans of cola. Together with the campaign, the company will offer animated stickers used on LINE, a mobile application for instant communications.

Claudia Navarro, marketing director at Coca-Cola Thailand, said: “This year, we are using visual language that we are all familiar with: emoticons, and we have translated this online trend to real life. To do so, we developed a proprietary set of 39 emoticons. What makes them exclusive is the fact that we have integrated our distinctive brand elements into the designs: the bottle cap, the dynamic ribbon, the Coke silhouette; while also staying true to our brand colour palette. The end result is a distinctive visual approach that sets our collection apart from generic emoticons”.

As part of the campaign, consumers in Thailand can also get a personalized product by bringing a receipt to Coke's activity booth “to have it turned into a free special edition can with your name and face printed as a one-of-a-kind emoticon”.

Source: Coca-Cola (via Thailand4)