Switzerland: Sidel launches “innovative” PET beer bottle

Switzerland: Sidel launches “innovative” PET beer bottle

Sidel, a Swiss company specialising in PET packing, is looking to shake up alcoholic drinks packaging with the world’s first-ever PET  beer bottle that utilizes a 'champagne' base more traditionally found on glass beer bottles

The bottle, which supports a crown cap, gives the appearance of glass, but with the advantages of PET. It weighs 28 grams, which is up to 86% less than an average equivalent glass bottle, the manufacturer claims.

“We want to help beer producers take advantage of the flexibility, lighter weight, sustainability and lower costs offered by PET, by producing a bottle that was more attractive to the next generation of beer consumers who want their drinks packaging to be more sustainable, convenient and user-friendly,” Head of Packaging Care at Sidel Christophe Bunel said. “So to help producers and consumers alike make the transition we wanted a bottle that looked like glass, but has all the benefits of PET,” he added.

The bottle is suitable for use with flash or tunnel pasteurised beer, and also micro-filtrated beer, Sidel said.

Source: Sidel