Switzerland: Nestle launches “vintage” Nespresso coffee capsules

Switzerland: Nestle launches “vintage” Nespresso coffee capsules

Global food and drinks giant Nestle is moving into the world of "aged coffee" with the launch of a new "vintage" version of its Nespresso Coffee Capsules.

According to a report in Australian Food News, Nestle observes that coffee can be aged to create a rich and mellow taste, much like a fine cheese, meat or wine.

Its limited edition Selection Vintage 2014 coffee is described on the UK company website as "the result of years of sophisticated care and expertise". It further claims: "Nespresso experts selected promising fresh Arabica beans from the lush Colombian Highlands and stored them under certain controlled conditions to create a whole new sensory experience".

Commenting on the launch, Nespresso global head of coffee Karsten Ranitzsch said: "To age the coffee we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in specialised conditions that we regulated constantly. Any miniscule change in the moisture, temperature, time, atmospheric pressure, light and oxygen conditions would affect the final taste. This carefully tailored process has resulted in an outstanding coffee with a very distinct flavour profile".

Nespresso Selection Vintage 2014 Coffee Capsules are being rolled out in a number of Nestle's global markets.

Source: Australian Food News / Nestle