Switzerland: Jowa launches Happy Bread

Switzerland: Jowa launches Happy Bread

Specially developed to meet the needs of small households, Happy Bread is a new brand of packaged bread launched by Jowa in Switzerland.

According to information, the product is a ready-sliced, preservative-free, long-lasting fresh Swiss bread that can be kept for up to five days after purchase. Described as being made with only flour, yeast, water and salt, the product is said to keeps its freshness thanks to a special recipe and packaging and the fact that it is sliced in a protective atmosphere.

Commenting on the launch, Jowa marketing director Daniel Hiestand said: “Consumer needs are constantly changing. With Happy Bread we have capitalized on this trend and adapted the product to Swiss tastes. We are reacting to consumer needs by offering a natural, preserative-free product that keeps longer than normal bread”.

Jowa Happy Bread will be available in Migros supermarkets in the varieties Dark and Light at an RRP of 2.40 CHF ($2.42) for a 350g bag.

Source: Migros