Switzerland: Emmi launches high-protein probiotic yoghurt

Switzerland: Emmi launches high-protein probiotic yoghurt

Emmi is launching a new protein-enriched probiotic yoghurt range, YoQua, as it looks to respond to the global trend for protein-enhanced products.

The new YoQua probiotic yogurt contains 8%-10% protein and 2% fat and is claimed to be the “perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack” which will eliminate hunger pangs.

“Proteins are fashionable, for a variety of good reasons. Because they make us feel fuller, protein-rich foods are an ideal snack”, the company commented.

Away from nutritional benefits, Emmi YoQua is said to have a pleasant, creamy consistency, while the high fruit content of 8-10 % means that Emmi YoQua shines with an uncompromising full-bodied taste, according to a company statement.

The Emmi YoQua line-up features four varieties: original, blueberry, raspberry and peach. It is being made available in Switzerland  from 19th  January in a 150g pot.

Source: Emmi