Switzerland: Emmi launches microwaveable fondue

Switzerland: Emmi launches microwaveable fondue

Emmi Group, a manufacter of specialty and artisan cheeses and dairy products, has recently rolled out a new microwaveable All In One Fondu bowl.

Designed in cooperation between Ardagh Group, the University of Twente and consultancy DeDutch, the ready to (h)eat concept has been developed to meet Emmi’s requirements, Ardagh said.

Ardagh chief commercial officer, Metal, Woep Moller commented: “Together with Emmi and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, we tested special food safe lacquers to allow the bowl to be heated either in a microwave or a traditional oven, and to be kept at the right temperature above a candle at the table. We added our patented printed Easy Peel aluminium opening solution that gives the consumer an easy and quicker means of opening the bowl”.

Marcel Zbinden, global category head speciality cheese at Emmi, claimed:  “Convenience and quick preparation have become a more important trend. This concept has it all, and it will delight fondue lovers worldwide. The All In One Fondu, with a metal bowl and ready-to-eat cheese fondue made of real Swiss cheeses, has simplified the preparation of this popular dish and is a perfect combination for a quick, easy and delicious cheese fondue at any time”.

Source: Ardagh Group