Switzerland: Bell Group to acquire Huber Group

Switzerland: Bell Group to acquire Huber Group

Bell Group, the Switzerland-based manufacturer of meat products, has announced that it is acquiring the Austrian poultry processor Huber Group.

Huber Group is the Austrian leader in the poultry market and also encompasses Hubers Landhendl from Pfaffsttt, Austria, the turkey specialist Suddeutsche Truthahn, and a hatchery and a logistics company in Austria. The firm employs a total of 900 staff and generates annual revenues of more than €300 million ($326 million).

Announcing that it had "laid the groundwork for further sustainable growth", Bell said that the takeover of the Huber Group would secure access to important poultry raw materials from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and would lay the foundation for further growth in the poultry convenience sector. The acquisition will also enable the Bell Group to enter the Austrian and German markets with a new product group, the company added.

The takeover is expected to be completed by March 2016.

Source: Bell Group