Sweden: Atria to acquire Lagerbergs

Sweden: Atria to acquire Lagerbergs

Finnish meat processor Atria is looking to enter the Swedish market with the acquisition of poultry group Lagerbergs.

The acquisition of the firm, which is the third largest supplier of chicken to the Swedish market, is expected to boost Atria’s annual sales by $33.3 million. The move would mean a significant boost to Atria’s white meat processing business, with demand for Swedish-produced chicken in Sweden having increased “steadily” in recent years

According to Atria, Lagerbergs processes around 10 million birds a year and has its own production plants and chicken-rearing facility in Blekinge, Sweden, in addition to purchasing chicken from local producers.

The move from Atria comes after the mooted acquisition of Lagerbergs by rival poultry producer Scandi Standard was blocked by Swedish competition authorities.

Source: Atria