Spring water gets a caffeine boost

Spring water gets a caffeine boost

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MANCHESTER – 7th May 2015: In this week’s innovation focus, Gama looks at how growing bottled water sales in the US combined with increased consumer health awareness may start to shape the future of both the bottled water and  energy / sports drinks categories, examining a new spring water infused with caffeine and electrolytes – 3 Pure Spring Water.

Unveiled in 2014 with the slogan “rethink the drink”, 3 Pure Spring Water from Signature Springs is positioned as “the healthy alternative to high-fructose soft drinks, energy drinks, artificially sweetened water and coffee”. Although by appearances a conventional bottled water, the product has both added electrolytes – like a sports drink – as well as caffeine – like an energy drink: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate are “infused to replenish your body with essential minerals that you lose during normal everyday activities”, while each bottle also contains “50mg of natural caffeine extracted from fresh coffee beans” such that the product functions as “a healthy alternative to coffee”. In addition, it is “pH balanced from neutral (7) to slightly alkaline (7+) to help your body fight damaging free radicals and flush toxins”.

3 Pure Spring Water is an indication of how some energy and sports drinks companies could seek to recalibrate their product lines to diversify their consumer base and attract a more health-aware audience. Benefitting from inherent ‘zero-everything’ properties and associations of ‘purity’ – but also containing naturally-occuring trace elements – bottled mineral water could serves as good base for further functional enhancement: potentially opening up a new segment of ‘water-based’ sports and energy drinks that address issues of sugar content and artificiality, and simultaneously take bottled water beyond simple hydration benefits to meet a more diverse range of functional needs.

Image source: Signature Springs


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