Spain: Trabanco Group launches cider with interactive label

Spain: Trabanco Group launches cider with interactive label

Spanish cider producer Trabanco Group has launched a new interactive label which allow the consumer to obtain information about its Sidra Avalon products and to access an m-commerce platform using a free app.

Claimed to be the first cider to feature an 'invisible' QR code, the product allows users to access the m-commerce site by scanning the label using a smartphone camera.

Gloria Fernandez, head of communications at Trabanco Group, claimed that the project was a mix of tradition and innovation. "We wanted to take advantage of new technologies to give added value to the consumer", she said.

The free Sidra Avalon app is said to allow consumers to obtain relevant information such as product origin, production methods, the apple varieties used, tasting notes, and a calendar of events through a simple label scan.

“Having the first interactive label in the cider category reinforces the positioning of Avalon among a younger, technologically-minded audience that is interested in what they consume. It also opens a new avenue for digital commerce through mobile phones", added Samuel Trabanco, CEO of the Trabanco Group.

Source: Asturias 24 / Financial Food