Spain: Sushita launches sushi targeted at children

Spain: Sushita launches sushi targeted at children

Spanish company Sushita has released a new sushi product targeted at children, branded Sushita Kids.

The product comes in a tray with a bold fish design, with the sushi items presented as though ‘inside’ the fish’s mouth. The tray contains a total of 14 sushis pieces including maki with smoked salmon, carrot and mango maki, maki with surimi mayonnaise, maki with tuna, red pepper & mayonnaise and, maki with cream cheese. The company said the assortment was based on a survey among children of different ages to establish their preferences.

Aside from sushi, the product comes with soy sauce as well as a collectable Gogo's Crazy Bones  toy .

Sushita produces and packages  sushi  and  distributes it to large companies such as Carrefour, El Corte Ingles, Auchan, Vips Knee Opencor and Supercor. The company also operates fresh sushi restaurants and provides Oriental catering services.

Source: Financial Food /Espacio Madrid