Spain: Nestle to invest in Girona coffee plant

Spain: Nestle to invest in Girona coffee plant

FMCG giant Nestle has announced that it is to invest €102 million ($108 million)  to upgrade facilities and expand capacity at its coffee facility in Girona, Spain, according to a report in Distribucion Actualidad.

The project will reportedly see production capacity at the facility increase by 30%, making it the largest soluble coffee factory in Europe.

The latest investment is said to be focused entirely on meeting export demand, especially in European countries. In addition, the planned spend will reportedly also make the factory more resource-efficient, decreasing energy consumption by 40% and water consumption by 33% per kilogram of manufactured products.

In addition to the latest sum, a total of €236 million ($250 million) has been invested in Girona by Nestle between 2007 and 2014. Among the major investment projects have been the construction of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsule production centre, operational since the last quarter of 2009, and the modernization of production lines manufacturing Nescafe instant coffee, which was recently completed.

The new expansion is planned to be concluded by 2017.

Source: Distribucion Actualidad