Spain: Lidl “working on” online rollout

Spain: Lidl “working on” online rollout

The Spanish division of German retail firm Lidl is "working on" an e-commerce initiative that could see fresh produce available to order in the country online, according to an article in Efeagro.

Reporting on a recent press event, Efeagro quotes Michael Aranda, director general of Lidl Spain, as saying: "We don't have a specific date yet, but we are working on it [an online service] seriously. We are a company of actions rather than words".

E-retail is a "trend" that the supermarket sector cannot "overlook or ignore", Mr Aranda is reported as saying, while stressing that "guaranteeing quality at the lowest prices" would continue to underpin the firm's strategy.

Lidl is currently the fourth largest supermarket business in Spain with around 4% market share, Efeagro reports. According to the company website, Lidl's network in Spain consists of 535 stores spread across the country.

Were the move to go ahead, Spain would become the fourth market in Europe with an e-commerce service from Lidl, after Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Source: Efeagro / Lidl / ESM