Spain: Ebro Foods acquires Roland Monterrat

Spain: Ebro Foods acquires Roland Monterrat

Spanish food firm Ebro Foods is acquiring the French fresh food specialist Roland Monterrat in a deal valued at €44.25 million ($48.75 million).

Roland Monterrat is the leading player in the ‘pate en croute’ sector and also has a major presence in the sandwich and ‘croque-monsieur’ segment. In 2014 it posted turnover of €64 million ($71 million).

“Through the incorporation of Monterrat, we will achieve further synergies with our French company, raising the Group turnover in the ready-to-serve area by 50% and giving it a foothold for entry into the snack market”, the company said in a statement. “As for Monterrat, its incorporation in our Group will enable it to benefit from the “savoir faire” characteristic of Ebro and the Panzani Group, helping it to step up its business development, both in France and throughout Europe”.

“This deal also paves the way for the Ebro Foods Group to enter very complementary business segments, thus opening up new opportunities for growth”, the company added.

Source: Ebro Foods