Spain: Conicom launches PinkCow Cardiotonica

Spain: Conicom launches PinkCow Cardiotonica

Compania Natural de Iniciativas Compartidas (Conicom), together with Hijos de Rivera affiliate Customdrinks, has launched PinkCow Cardiotonica, a new heart-healthy functional drink with vitamin B1.

PinkCow Cardiotonica features a low-calorie formula  that is described as rich in vitamin B1 (0.165mg or 15% RDA  per 100 ml), said to help improve cardiovascular and nervous system function as well as contributing to a healthy metabolism.

As part of the development process, the company said it made special efforts to ensure the drink‘s palatability, focusing on removing the astringent flavours sometimes associated with tonic water drinks.

Cardiotonica is the second launch under the female-oriented PinkCow brand. The first product, launched in 2013, was claimed to be “fresh” and “characterful”, featuring floral and citrus flavours. Both this and the latest launch are positioned  as mixers, designed to be blended with gin, vodka and other spirits.

The product is available in El Corte Ingles and Hipercor de Espana stores for a recommended price of €1.40 ($1.78).

Source: Alimarket / Ginebras