Spain: Coca Cola Iberian Partners consults on restructure

Spain: Coca Cola Iberian Partners consults on restructure

Management at Coca Cola Iberian Partners has approached unions with a plan to restructure the business, with more than one thousand jobs under threat, Alimarket reports.

According to reports, the reorganization of the business, which comes less than a year after it was formed from eight existing bottlers in the Iberian peninsula, will see the creation of a new structure with five major areas of activity in Spain. Functions such as finance, legal, communications and human resources will be organized around these same five areas.

As a result of the restructure, as many as 1,200 jobs in the region – some 24% of the workforce – could be lost. Additionally, up to four of the company’s 11 facilities face the threat of closure.

According to a company spokesperson, the move will “ensure the creation of a structure that will allow us to operate as a single company that is more agile, efficient and competitive”.

Coca Cola Iberian Partners is the sole bottler for Coca Cola in the Iberian Peninsula and currently markets 24 beverage brands and 69 products, with a total of over 3.3 billion litres sold.

Source: Alimarket / Coca Cola Iberian Partners