South Africa: KWV launches truffle-infused gin

South Africa: KWV launches truffle-infused gin

South African firm KWV is said to have launched “its own” Cruxland premium London dry boutique gin, said to have been “hand crafted for a new world gin drinking experience”.

According to FastMoving, the gin is made from 100% grape spirits and infused with nine exotic botanicals including rare “Kalahari N’abbas (truffles)”. Development of the product is said to have taken almost three years.

Master distiller Pieter de Bod spoke of the gin by saying: “We wanted to create a special gin with botanicals typical to South Africa and knew we needed a special ingredient to complement the flavours of the other botanicals”.

He continued by saying: “Kalahari truffles only grow in the Kalahari after the first rains so we had to wait for that to happen and then we got the volumes we needed. The Kalahari truffle forms a distinctive crack in the earth in the form of a cross when the truffle swells after the rain. Having said this, only the very experienced truffle hunter can spot where to start digging”.

Source: FastMoving