South Africa: “Farmers’ brand” Nature’s Farms launched

South Africa: “Farmers’ brand” Nature’s Farms launched

Farmer-owned South African agribusiness GWK has recently announced the launch of “proudly South African farmer brand” Nature’s Farms, according to an article in the South African Food Review.

The announcement was reportedly made as the firm unveiled a new multi-million rand wheat mill, pasta plant and biscuit factory at ModderRiver near Kimberley in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Nature’s Farms pasta, biscuits, wheat flour and maize meal are said to be set for distribution in major retail locations in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and the Northern Cape before being expanded to outlets across the country in the near future.

GWK’s managing director Pieter Spies commented: “Nature’s Farms is a true South African farmer brand. GWK is owned by farmers and we are involved at every step of the production process. This includes supplying inputs to farmers, supporting farmers with the latest trends and technology, and ensuring the best channels to market for products from the farm”.

He went on to add: “The new brand’s origin is celebrated with the packaging showcasing farming in a very unique way. To honour our roots, each product line is also named after one of the farms where the raw materials are sourced”.

Source: South African Food Review