Singapore: Nestle to collaborate with government research agency

Singapore: Nestle to collaborate with government research agency

Swiss food manufacturer Nestle has entered a partnership with the Singapore government Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR) with the aim of establishing a global R&D platform for functional products, Just Food reports.

A three year framework has been agreed for research focusing on nutrition, packaging, data analytics and biotransformation. According to Just Food, Nestle has focused increased NPD effort on the functional arena in recent times in an attempt to drive top line growth.

The new research is aimed at furthering Nestle’s expertise in biotransformation, fermentation, enzyme technology, and probiotics as they feature in heavily in the manufacturing of many Asian products.

Stefan Catsicas, Nestle’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Our goal is that closer collaboration with ASTAR will enable our team of food technologists, food engineers, chemists and microbiologists to share their knowledge and understanding in multiple areas of food science and to strengthen Nestle's position as a global leader in food science, nutrition and technology”.

Source: Just Food