Seaweed the star as bakery goes functional

Seaweed the star as bakery goes functional

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MANCHESTER – 6th June 2016: This week, Gama turns the spotlight on the functional benefits of seaweed, with a look at the recently-launched Dulcesol Innova range of bakery foods and their unusual chlorella-enhanced, health-promoting formulations.

Newly released as a reworking of the firm’s traditional lineup of biscuits, crackers, cakes and other bakery products, Dulcesol Innova is a “healthier”, “Mediterranean” range from Dulcesol that the Spanish firm is touting as a “paradigm shift for the bakery sector”. At the heart of the new lineup is the fashionable functional seaweed ingredient chlorella, which is advertised by Dulcesol as “single cell organism, rich in natural pigments such as chlorophyll and beta carotene with antioxidant properties”. Among further health properties, Dulcesol points to chlorella’s content of vegetable proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C and E, in addition to the way the ingredient is “valued in the health & beauty industry for its ability to promote cellular regeneration”.  Altogether comprising 12 different products – a diverse array of bakery items, including crackers, biscuits, croissants, brioches, bread rolls and cakes – the Dulcesol Innova range lists a crowd-pleasing assortment of functional claims, including high protein and fibre values and lower amounts of fat, salt and sugar than typically found in conventional bakery products.

Much as with other high-protein, nutrient-rich plant ‘superfoods’, such as the more established chia and quinoa, seaweed as a food and drink ingredient benefits from its roll-call of nutritional benefits, alongside its general versatility. As launches like Dulcesol Innova demonstrate, chlorella, spirulina, algae and other seaweed ingredients seem set to remain a focal point for new product development in the functional arena, from  fashionable ‘green’ drinks and soups and novel health drinks, to new and emerging opportunities for ‘whole’ seaweed to take centre stage, most notably – in common with the increasingly popular segment of dried meat snacks  – as a ‘better-for-you’ alternative to traditional potato chips and other savoury snack categories.

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