Savoury flavours return Greek yoghurt to the Mediterranean

Savoury flavours return Greek yoghurt to the Mediterranean

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MANCHESTER – 17th September 2015: Gama’s latest Innovation Insight offers a window into the potential future evolution of the Greek yoghurt trend. This week we take a look at a product launch that looks to redefine the ‘yoghurt + granola topping’ concept by giving it a new savoury spin – Vigor Savoury Greek Yoghurt with Croutons.

Purportedly addressing the lack of “snacks with health appeal on the market”, Vigor Savoury Greek Yoghurt with Croutons is a new launch in Brazil from consumer goods firm Vigor that seeks to create a new niche for satisfying, savoury products within the yoghurt category. Effectively, the launch sees the Brazilian company attempting to position yoghurt less as a dessert and more as a between-meal snack, or perhaps even as an on-the go lunch product or meal replacement. The product comes in a flat-shaped tub with an approximately equal volume of croutons – prominently displayed within the transparent lid – to yoghurt. Aligned to the ‘Greek yoghurt’ theme, the two options in the line are oriented around the tastes of the Mediterranean, with the first variety consisting of black olive yogurt accompanied by plain croutons, and the second being a parsley and chive yoghurt with a serving of parmesan croutons.

Vigor Savoury Greek Yoghurt With Croutons serves as an example of how companies can tap into highly successful product trends while also reinterpreting them to target new consumers and occasions. Vigor’s ‘savoury yoghurt’ idea enables it to draw more heavily on Greek yoghurt’s Mediterranean associations, innovate through flavour and also promote new functional benefits, thus exploring the full potential of Greek yoghurt away from the confines of the desserts category.

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