Salad thinks out of the bag

Salad thinks out of the bag

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MANCHESTER – 3rd October 2014:  In a display of ‘out of the bag’ thinking, fresh salad is being given the gourmet treatment through premium packaging, courtesy of a new launch in Italy from La Linea Verde – Dimmidisi Le Stellate Salad.

Dimmidisi Le Stellate Salad – roughly translated as “Stellar” is an attempt to turn packaged salad from an everyday item into something more luxurious. The branding is a major factor: identified as the “Chef’s Suggestion” and with the image of a chef appearing prominently at the top of the pack, the product invokes 'restaurant quality'.

Of particular interest though is the packaging itself – not a conventional plastic bag, but a black plastic tray similar to that used for chilled pasta or fresh meat. The whole effect is that the ingredients, including  decorative items such as curled carrot strips, are showcased, almost like a picture in a frame.

The tray also has practical benefits: it is rigid, so less likely to deform, it is easier to stack, and it helps to protect the salad from bruising.

Dimmidisi Le Stellate highlights how design can make a significant contribution to a product’s overall appeal, with colour, branding and packaging all important factors in boosting shelf impact.

Additional source / image source: Fresh Plaza


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