Russia: Moscow Brewing Company gains rights to Irn-Bru

Russia: Moscow Brewing Company gains rights to Irn-Bru

Moscow Brewing Company has been conferred with the exclusive right to produce and distribute the soft drink Irn-Bru in Russia following a long-term licensing contract with A.G. Barr, a UK based soft drink producer. Previously, Irn Bru-sold in Russia was produced by PepsiCo.

Moscow Brewing Company will initially launch Irn-Bru in 330ml aluminium cans and 500ml, 1l and 2l PET bottles, according to a report in Upakovano.

Commenting on the move, Yap Mathiessen, International Development Director at A.G. Barr, said: “The Russian market of beverages is very competitive but the success of Moscow Brewing Company in the beer market seems very encouraging to us. We hope that IRN-BRU will become an excellent part of the company's portfolio”.

“The contract with A.G. Barr is extremely important for Moscow Brewing Company, which, notwithstanding the challenging economic times, continues to develop and offers both new and famous global brands to Russian consumers at affordable prices,” added Igor Dementiyev, the General Director of Moscow Brewing Company.

Source: Upakovano / Sostav