Russia: Heineken to halt Kaliningrad brewery production

Russia: Heineken to halt Kaliningrad brewery production

Heineken, the Dutch brewer, has announced that it is to halt production at its brewery in Kaliningrad, Russia, according to a Reuters report.

Citing declines in the Russian beer market, the beermaker described the move as a "forced measure" that would see brewing suspended from 1st January 2017, although parts of the site will still be used for storage, it is reported.

70 jobs are set to go as a result of the move.

“The company has made the decision after a thorough analysis of the market situation and of all possible options to maintain efficiency of its operation in Russia”, Heinken is quoted as saying.

According to Reuters, the firm also noted that Russia's beer market has been in decline for some time, with large brewers having had to close 11 breweries in the country in the last seven years.

Source: Reuters / Levensmiddelenkrant / Prime Business News Agency