Russia: Cherkizovo launches “healthy steaming” chicken line

Russia: Cherkizovo launches “healthy steaming” chicken line

Cherkizovo Group, a manufacturer of meat and poultry products, has released a new ready to cook chilled chicken range promoted as being especially suited for steaming or slow cooking.

The new line, being made available under the Petelinka brand in Russia, is said to be free of high fat and high-calorie ingredients and low in salt, constituting a “special offer for consumers who prefer healthy food and natural taste”, the company said.

Alexander Kostikov, Head of Communications of Cherkizovo Group, commented: "We always aim to make products that are both delicious and as healthy as possible for the consumer", adding: "That’s why our experts have chosen the finest ingredients and created unique recipes".

The new range features a variety of products including chicken patties, chicken patties with cheese and spinach, chicken croquettes with tomatoes or cheese, chicken rissoles, chicken patties with broccoli, fillets with vegetables, and chicken meatballs with tomatoes and cheese.

Source: Cherkizovo