Russia: Baltika rated “most valuable” domestic FMCG brand

Russia: Baltika rated “most valuable” domestic FMCG brand

According to a recent study by Interbrand – a division of American branding consultancy Omnicom – Baltika is the most valuable FMCG brand in Russia.

The Moscow office of Interbrand has conducted its annual study of the Russian market and has compiled its latest ranking of the “most valuable” Russian brands, revealing some interesting trends in the domestic economy.

The top 40 ranking of most valuable Russian brands in 2013 is significantly different to previous years, and for the first time a number of well-known brands did not meet the criteria for inclusion. A key finding of the survey is also that B2B companies are currently playing a critical role in stimulating the development of the Russian economy.

The core criteria for the ranking has remain unchanged. Firstly, the brand should have been created in Russia. Secondly, it must have shown positive financial performance in the period reviewed. Finally, the brand’s financial and marketing performance should be publicly available and be as complete as possible.

Source: Interbrand