Roberto Funari, EVP Category Marketing<br />Reckitt Benckiser

Roberto Funari, EVP Category Marketing
Reckitt Benckiser

Gama spoke to Roberto Funari, Executive Vice President, Category Marketing,  Reckitt Benckiser.


Which markets or consumer groups currently offer the greatest growth opportunities for FMCG companies?

Emerging markets remain an important growth opportunity for FMCG companies as they will continue to outperform developed markets in terms of growth rate. The key to investing in emerging markets is to understand that they do not yield an immediate growth return, but profit will be clear in a long term vision. Emerging markets are still finding their way in the global marketplace, and the FMCG companies who see their potential now will reap tremendous profits in the future.

Secondly, in line with the key trend of urbanisation, urban and ageing consumers represent a group that can offer great growth opportunities, particularly in the area of consumer health. People are living longer, and therefore, demand to live better. This represents an opportunity for FMCG companies in various areas as an ageing population in an urban setting has very specific and uncharted consumer needs.


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