‘Ready to drink’ meets ‘freshly brewed’ in new coffee launch

‘Ready to drink’ meets ‘freshly brewed’ in new coffee launch

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MANCHESTER – 9th October 2015: In this week’s Innovation Insight, we look at the launch of a drink seeking to bring the benefits of ‘freshly brewed’ to the chilled coffee space through packaging innovation – L Cafe Snowing Black Coffee Drink.

Starting from the principle that ‘fresh is best’ when it comes to coffee, L Cafe Snowing Black Coffee Drink is a new product aiming to challenge convention in the RTD coffee space by allowing the consumer to effectively ‘brew their own’ drink.  New from South Korean producer Lotte Shopping, L Cafe Snowing Black Coffee Drink comes as a two part bottle with an upper compartment (inside the lid) housing a type of coffee extract, and the main body containing plain water. According to descriptions, the act of opening the lid causes the seal between the two compartments to be broken, allowing the coffee extract to sink down and begin infusing into the water. The consumer then only needs to shake the bottle a few times – no longer than 5 seconds – before the product is fully blended and ready to drink.

L Cafe Snowing Black Coffee Drink emphasises the extent to which the rituals of preparation have become an intrinsic part of coffee’s growing appeal, and also highlights the penetration of ‘out of home’ concepts into the retail arena. Whether for the purposes of customization (perhaps enabling consumers to regulate flavour strength), to promote the flavour benefits of ‘freshly made’, to boost interactivity, or even to invoke health properties (along the lines of cold-brewed tea), there are possibilities for firms looking to innovate through packaging in the RTD coffee category, appealing to modern consumers’ desire for fun, individuality, product quality and authenticity.

Image source: Asia Gyongje


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