Premium stands out in own brand ice cream & desserts

Premium stands out in own brand ice cream & desserts

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MANCHESTER – 11th June 2015: The key characteristics of new ice cream & dessert products are the subject of Gama’s latest analysis of recent launches from Gama Compass™, examining in particular how private label launches compare to the market as a whole in terms of category breakdown, price and brand positioning.

Encompassing launches reported over approximately the last 12 month period,  Gama’s research shows that dairy-based ice cream comprised the greatest proportion of launches in the ice-cream & desserts market, among both own brands (48% of launches) and across the market as a whole (51% of launches). In general, water-based ice cream accounted for significantly less NPD (8% across the board), although this was slightly higher for private label brands (13% of launches).

A particularly interesting finding of Gama’s analysis was the prominence of premium branding in private label ice cream & desserts, compared to private label launches as a whole. While mid-range products still formed the large majority of own brand ice cream & dessert launches (81%), premium brands represented 18% of private label ice cream & dessert NPD compared to less than 10% across private label products as a whole.

Meanwhile, average price points were the subject of some variation between private label brands and ice cream and desserts as a whole. Comparable in the water-based ice cream category, average prices were signficantly lower in private label launches in the dairy-based ice cream category. The reverse proved true for desserts, however, with private label prices averaging 6% more than in across the board dessert launches.

Source: Gama Compass™


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