Portugal: Montiqueijo launches fresh cheese bar

Portugal: Montiqueijo launches fresh cheese bar

Portuguese cheese producer Montiqueijo has launched a “unique” fresh cheese product that comes in a bar format.

Described as being produced with cow's milk and using a traditional recipe, the new cheese is promoted as handmade and as featuring indentations in the surface that show where individual slices can be cut.

Commenting on the launch, Montequeijo marketing director Janet Vitorino said: "[The product] is larger than normal and doesn't have the traditional round shape, meaning it can served – and consumed – at the table. The slightly firmer texture allows for greater precision when slicing, making these cheese suitable for convivial moments with family and friends around the table".

Montiqueijo Fresh Cheese Bar is available in supermarkets in Traditional,Tomato & Basil and Rosemary varieties.

Source: HiperSuper