Portugal: Lidl launches “retro week”

Portugal: Lidl launches “retro week”

Discount retailer Lidl is seeking to tap into a collective nostalgia with the launch of a “retro week” in Portugal that will see historic brands and ‘vintage’ packaging go on sale in its stores for a limited period.

According to HiperSuper, products to be made available include hand-wrapped Ach. Brito soaps, flavoured Predilecta Flour, Capri Sonne juices, and Couto medicinal toothpaste.

The initiative appears to have been inspired by a campaign run by Lidl in the Czech Republic in 2015, where consumers were able to purchase retro limited edition products modelled on goods from the 1970s.

Explaining the idea, Lidl Portugal communications director Vanessa Romeu said: "This is another initiative that will strengthen Lidl’s positioning in the marketplace and reinforce its relationship with consumers. Lidl has been in Portugal for two decades and has become part of people’s lives, sharing memories, tastes, aromas and images with them. With this in mind, we are promoting the best that Portugal has to offer and invite customers to return to the past by enjoying outstanding products from previous generations".

Source: HiperSuper