‘No wash’ laundry solution has men in its sights

‘No wash’ laundry solution has men in its sights

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MANCHESTER – 16th July 2015: Increasing interest among men in personal hygiene and grooming regimes presents new opportunities for consumer goods firms – and not only in the health & beauty space – as our latest Innovation Insight reveals. This week, Gama cast its eye over a new ‘household’ deodorizer that specifically focuses on male personal hygiene concerns, seeking to address them in a quick and convenient fashion: Febreze Men Fabric Refresher.

Claimed to combine six different deodorizing properties in a single product, P&G’s latest extension to its Febreze brand of fabric refreshment solutions in Japan is a new refresher spray expressly designed for men’s clothing. Effectively functioning as an alternative to a full-on laundry process, Febreze Men Fabric Refresher, which comes in the same trigger spray pack format as the established Febreze fabric refresher range, is said to tackle a range of “tough” hygiene and odour issues including tobacco and sweat as well as – particular to Japan – the smoky smell of ‘yakiniku’, a popular type of restaurant barbecue cooking. As well as tackling odour, the product, which is designed to be used daily on jackets, suits and other articles of men’s clothing, is claimed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, leaving a “light and refreshing” scent.

The launch of Febreze Men Fabric Refresher serves as a potent example of how the twin trends for convenience-oriented household solutions and male grooming can be brought together through product innovation. By combining ‘masculine’ branding that emphasises simplicity, practicality and efficacy with the benefits of personal hygiene, FMCG companies can look to capitalize on a relatively untapped niche for male-oriented products in the household arena, developing new solutions that are in step with the needs and behaviours of men in relation to cleaning, laundry and personal care.

Image source: P&G


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