Nitrogen coffee taps craft beer appeal

Nitrogen coffee taps craft beer appeal

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MANCHESTER – 1st September 2016: This month's Innovation Insight picks up on the craze for nitrogen technology now spawning a new generation of products in the RTD coffee space. Centre stage is a product that melds the novel textures of nitrogen infusion with the functional benefits of ‘free from’ to create a new option in non-dairy coffee – Califia Cold Nitro Cold Brew Coffee With Almond Milk.

Touted as the “first dairy-free nitro cold brew latte”, Califia Cold Nitro Cold Brew Coffee With Almond Milk from Califia Farms blends cold brew coffee “made from direct trade beans” with “our trademark Almondmilk and macadamia milk”, creating “an extra smooth, effervescent coffee experience”. New to consumers in the US, the coffee comes in the varieties Latte (“smooth, packed with energy + sweet but low in sugar”),  Mocha (“chocolate… cold brew and bubbles bound to satisfy your sweet tooth”), and the chicory-enhanced New Orleans (for “a woody element you didn’t know your coffee was missing”) and, pointing up the textural benefits, is advertised as being “enhanced with serious science and millions of fine soft bubbles”.

With the rise of nitro-infused coffee, the latent parallels between the ‘craft coffee’ and ‘craft beer’ movements are now being laid bare. The increasing alignment between coffee and beer in terms of ‘craft’ appeal has much to say not only about a growing ‘connoisseurship’ common to both categories, driving innovation in formulation and technology, but also the pursuit of new flavours and richer experiences based primarily on a reworking of a limited list of  ‘pure and traditional’ ingredients. The emergence of the notional ‘beer coffee’ as both a retail and non-retail product opens up new opportunities for innovation in the RTD coffee space, especially in the development of more indulgent and sophisticated textures to create adventurous ‘three dimensional’ experiences in the world of gourmet coffee.

Image source: Califia Farms


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