Nigeria: Giant Beverages launches Valmont water brand

Nigeria: Giant Beverages launches Valmont water brand

Giant Beverages is launching the new “super-premium” Valmont water brand for the Nigerian market, according to a report in Things New.

Promoted as “accompany[ing] fine food and luxurious lifestyle”, the product features “transparent and minimalistic labelling” for “an extra touch of class”, according to sources.

The product is being launched in 600ml and 1.5l bottles, as well as in a 750ml sportscap format which is said to be a first for the Nigerian market.

Giant Beverages general manger Ayo Afolabi said: “Our water is produced to the best of international standards. It goes through our ultra-purification processes without being exposed to air until it enters our unique bottles, thus preserving its freshness and purity. It is called ‘Valmont’ for its strong, rich, luxurious and sophisticated background”.

Source: Things New