Netherlands: Organic and fairtrade ranges continue to grow

Netherlands: Organic and fairtrade ranges continue to grow

The number of organic and fairtrade products available in Dutch supermarkets is continuing to grow, according to the latest annual audit by the environmental organisation Milieudefensie.

The survey revealed that, on average, Dutch supermarkets are now listing 155 organic products displaying the “Eko” label – awarded to products that are certified organic and meet certain sustainability criteria – representing a 10% increase on the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of fair trade products found on major retailers’ shelves is up to an average of 41 products, an increase of 20%.  Over the past seven years, the number of organic products in Dutch supermarkets has increased year on year, at an average of 16%.

"It's good to see that despite the crisis, retailers’ organic and fairtrade ranges are continuing to grow," said Jacomijn Pluimers, sustainable food campaigner at Miliedefensie. "Organic products are no longer something niche, to be found only in specialty stores – they have found their way on to the shelves of every supermarket.”

The survey found that Hoogvliet had the greatest range of organic products, with stores listing 398 Eko-label items on average. Plus was in second place, with an average of 342 products.

Milieudefensie plans to make this, its 16th survey, its last. When they began in 1998, there was an average of only 6 products displaying the Eko-label in Dutch stores. “The surveys have done their job”, Ms Pluimers added.

Source: VMT