Netherlands: Online ‘supermarket’ Picnic launched

Netherlands: Online ‘supermarket’ Picnic launched

Picnic, an m-commerce grocery delivery platform, has been launched in the Netherlands, according to reports in the Dutch media.

The first delivery using the service, which is available exclusively through a mobile app, was made in the town of Amersfoort on the 30th September. During a test phase the company has been offering a range that includes 20,000 SKUs and 250 private label products. Goods are delivered using a fleet of electric vehicles with a maximum capacity of 800kg.

According to founder Joris Beckers, the app allows customers to track the exact location of their groceries. "You can calculate to the exact minute what time your groceries will arrive [...] We deliver three times a week through every neighborhood in Amersfoort. We have piloted the idea over the years and learned from our customers that they do not want to wait around, nor did they want to pay delivery costs. That is the basis on which we have tried to build our business model".

"In no time at all we have had 10,000 downloads", Mr Beckers added. "These downloads have come from across the Netherlands, even though we have currently only operating in Amersfoort. Other cities will hopefully follow".

Source: De Telegraaf / Levensmiddelenkrant