Netherlands: Jumbo introduces convenience store concept

Netherlands: Jumbo introduces convenience store concept

Dutch retailer Jumbo has announced the opening of Foodmarkt City, a convenience store with a new 'unique' concept.

Foodmarket City is said to feature a combination of elements from Jumbo stores, food markets as well as freshly prepared food, in collaboration with restaurant chain La Place.

Food such as bread, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, soups and juices will be produced in store, so customers will be able to eat their food in the store’s cafe area.

According to Jumbo, the new concept responds to the needs of customers in the city, who are looking for "convenience, speed, health and price".

"The traditional separation between supermarkets and food trade is disappearing, especially in the inner city", said Colette van Eerd, Jumbo's CCO for formulation and innovation.

The first Foodmarkt City outlet has opened in Groninhen and an app is also available for customers who would like to order their food to be delivered.

Source: Jumbo / ESM Magazine