Netherlands: Heineken opens brewery in Ethiopia

Netherlands: Heineken opens brewery in Ethiopia

Beer maker Heineken has inaugurated a new brewery in Ethiopia – the country’s biggest – located in Kilinto, in the municipality of Addis Ababa.

With a total capacity of 1.5 million hectolitres, the factory is producing beer for the Walia, Bedele and Harar beer brands but will also soon also commence production of the flagship Heineke beer, the Company said.

Johan Doyer, Managing Director of Heineken Ethiopia, commented: "This new facility, which more than doubles our potential output, will enable us to satisfy rising demand for local and international brands. […] This modern, flexible and efficient brewery will help us meet that demand and to bring new and exciting products to market. Importantly, we have recruited local talent and will build the skills and capability of a committed workforce […] Our next challenge is to prepare for the production of our flagship Heineken beer which will provide a super-premium choice for our consumers and trade customers".

The €110 million ($127 million) facility is part of a total  investment of €310 million ($357 million) in Ethiopia since 2011, to meet growing demand for beer in the country, Heineken added.

Source: Heineken