Netherlands: Albert Heijn launches recipe boxes

Netherlands: Albert Heijn launches recipe boxes

Leading Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has announced the launch of new 'recipe boxes', allowing consumers to cook three recipes from scratch based on fresh ingredients.

The Albert Heijn Aller Hande Box is based around the store's popular Aller Hande recipe service, which was first launched in 1954 and now attracts 100,000 visitors every day, browsing a database of over 14,000 recipes.

Boxes can be ordered for home delivery or store collection and are claimed to contain "all the ingredients in the right amounts for three delicious, varied Aller Hande recipes" that can each be prepared within 30 minutes, according to Albert Heijn. The contents of the box changes weekly, but each is described as containing at least one meat and one poultry dish, alongside fish or vegetarian recipes. The first box contains recipes for a Mediterranean ratatouille with chicken, rice and cereals,  a stir fry noodle dish with broccoli, mango and fried fish, and a caesar salad meal with romaine lettuce, potato and egg.

Promoted with the slogan "deliciously fresh, straight to your table", the Albert Heijn Aller Hande Box is available in 2 and 4 person options at a price of €35 ($39) and €49 ($55) respectively.

Source: Albert Heijn