Poland: Nestle expects uncertainty to continue

Poland: Nestle expects uncertainty to continue

The second half of 2013 will see little change in prospects for the FMCG market in Poland, according to Nestle. This means that for many companies in the country, including Nestle, things will still not be easy, the company said.

According to Chandra Kumar, MD and financial director of Nestle Poland, there has been a noticeable slowdown in the Polish market in recent times. Despite this, opportunities still exist for all large companies, because the country and its economy remain strong, he asserted. Nestle continues to record growth, the company noted.

Analysing the situation from the perspective of macroeconomic data and FMCG market conditions, Nestle does not predict any significant changes in the economic outlook, anticipating that the uncertainty associated with the current economic situation – which they call the "new reality" – is set to persist.

"In common with many other countries in Europe and around the world, Poland is also experiencing economic uncertainty, but the impact has been felt less than, for example, in Germany or Spain”, commented Kumar in an interview with portalspozywczy.pl. “Of course, the effects are still visible. We have seen a slowdown in the market, which translates into consumer behaviour. Despite this, Poland is still a country of significant opportunities for all businesses, including of course our own. This is a strong country with a strong economy, and investment is still worthwhile."

Source: Portal Spozywczy