Mikko Lindqvist, Vice President, Marketing & Portfolio<br />Fazer

Mikko Lindqvist, Vice President, Marketing & Portfolio

Gama spoke to Mikko Lindqvist, Vice President, Marketing & Portfolio, Fazer.

Is packaged bread being threatened by the rise of low carbohydrate diets? If so, how is Fazer responding?

Low carbohydrate diets had a big impact on the bread market some years ago. From there the market has recovered and new trends have emerged. The public discussion about carbohydrates is more balanced currently and the benefits of wholegrains, especially oat and rye, are widely recognized. We need to improve the communication of the positive qualities of good bread and create interest in the quality of carbohydrates amongst consumers. Fazer is committed to innovating with new types of bakery offerings that respond to consumer needs in terms of health & wellbeing and can renew the category offering. We will renew our current portfolio as well as creating new concepts to meet new and emerging consumer needs.


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