Mexico: Kellogg´s gives children’s cereal brand a health makeover

Mexico: Kellogg´s gives children’s cereal brand a health makeover

In a move designed to “promote healthier lifestyles”, Kellogg’s Mexico has reworked the packaging of its flagship Choco Krispis brand as part of a strategy to modernize the brand image.

The primary change sees the brand character Melvin the elephant redesigned to become more athletic in appearance. The new packs have been made available from the beginning of July.

“We introducing a more friendly, cheerful and charming Melvin, there is an evolution in the character,” commented Erika Duhne, Choco Krispis brand manager in Mexico.

The redesign is in response to new taxes recently imposed on food and drinks companies in Mexico. An 8% levy now applies to products – including Choco Krispis cereal – that are deemed to be high in sugar.

In response to the new taxes, the company said that it was “constantly searching for ways to improve the nutritional value and the flavour of our products.  While cereal products have been affected by the new tax, we promote a balanced breakfast and will fully comply with the new regulations”.

Choco Krispis is Kellogg´s second largest brand in Mexico, with a market share between 13% and 14% in the cereal category.

Source: El Universal / Dinero en Imagenes