Mexico: Coca Cola to increase investment to over $12 billion

Mexico: Coca Cola to increase investment to over $12 billion

The Coca Cola Company plans to invest $8.2 billion over the next 6 years in Mexico, Food Business News reports.

This combined with previous amounts will add up to a total of over $12.4 billion worth of investments during a 10 year period (2010-2020), the company said.

The new investment will be allocated to increased infrastructure and production capacity, new jobs, and developing a product range which includes 70 brands and more than 500 products.

The investment will also be used to implement and develop new technologies, including increasing the recycling capacity at its plants IMER and PetStar.  Coca Cola's food-grade PET recycling plant PetStar has become the largest bottle to bottle recycling plant in the world by doubling its capacity and now processes 65,000 tons of PET bottles per year.

Mexico Coca Cola president Francisco Crespo said: “Coca-Cola has a long-term business plan and vision, based on our permanent investment commitment”.

He continued: “We, as a system, have been investing an average of $1 billion every year, for the past 10 years, and we are reaffirming this commitment until 2020. This investment is our way of promoting economic growth and the sustainable development of the country, while we continue to support the creation of strategies to promote integral wellbeing of the population”.

Source: Food Business News