Major companies gear up for Easter

Major companies gear up for Easter

With Easter 2014 fast approaching, major companies across the globe have unveiled their latest Easter product offerings, taking full advantage of what is seen as a significant holiday for the confectionery industry. In the UK, over 90 million Easter eggs are said to be sold each year, while in Australia and the USA consumers are claimed to spend over AU$3 billion ($2.8 billion) and $2 billion respectively.

In the US, Nestle has revealed its latest range of seasonal candies and chocolates. Business Wire reports that this year’s product lineup is to include Indoor and Outdoor Egg Hunt Kits (RRP $6.50), SweeTARTS Gummies & Jelly Beans Pouches (RRP $8.59), WONKA Laffy Taffy Jelly Beans (RRP $2.49), Nestlé Butterfinger Bunny and Crunch Bunny (RRP $3.49), NERDS Bumpy Jelly Beans (RRP $2.49), Butterfinger NestEggs and Crunch NestEggs (RRP $2.68), and WONKA Egg Fillers (RRP $3.99).

Meanwhile in the UK, supermarket Sainsbury’s has launched a range of private label Easter eggs in an attempt to rival the major established brands. According to The Grocer, the own-label chocolate eggs are medium sized but have been selling for around £1 ($1.68) – up to 50p less than the major brands. Some of the eggs to feature are Eric The Elephant Egg (165g), Jelly Beans Egg (175g), Fizzy Belts Easter Egg (140g), Rainbow Buttons Egg (170g), and Caramel Egg (155g).

Finally in Australia, one company is targeting the premium end of the scale with a chocolate egg that is said to be available to consumers for AU$250 ($234) each. Ganache Chocolate’s 45 centimetre egg is said to be filled with 100 small chocolates and, according to Good Food, to contain house-blend milk chocolate as well as to be decorated with dark and white chocolate swirls for a marble effect. Also available is a smaller version with 50 small chocolates priced at AU$130 ($122).

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