Juices and snacks unite for new functional ‘kits’

Juices and snacks unite for new functional ‘kits’

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MANCHESTER – 26th June 2015: The use of combination packs to target specific health needs is the subject of Gama’s innovation focus for this week, as we look at a new line seeking to unite health drinks and natural snacks through common functional benefits: Daily Serving Functional Juice + Snack Mixes.

Comprising a two-part ‘kit’ of a fruit or vegetable drink packaged together with natural snacks, the Daily Serving Functional Juices + Snack Mix line from US-based DailyServing is a series of nine products each centred around a unifying functional theme, with varieties ranging from Recover and Focus to Wake and Satisfy. Ingredients in each pack are chosen for their complementary benefits, such that, as an example, the Recover variety comprises an “anti-inflammatory” pineapple and tart cherry juice and a roasted edamame snack that together act as a “post work-out mix to restore your body’s nutrients [and] repair spent muscle fibers”. The Wake variety, meanwhile, contains dark-chocolate coated espresso beans and cinnamon-roasted garbanzo beans together with a spinach and orange juice drink, forming a “wake-up pack to hit the ground running”.

Daily Serving offers a salient example of how ‘kits’ and similar concepts can be used to add value in the functional space, allowing companies to develop  more ‘complete solutions’ anchored around an overarching functional theme, capable of more effectively addressing defined health concerns in a way that is likely to resonate with the target consumer.

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