Joaquim Vives, General Manager<br />Mane

Joaquim Vives, General Manager

Gama spoke to Joaquim Vives, General Manager, Mane Iberica.


How is the growing demand for more 'all natural' formulations impacting on flavour & fragrance companies?

This is a major trend and demand will keep growing if the economic situation continues to brighten. However, 'all natural' does not consistently point to the same definition when it comes to food & drinks manufacturing. This is not the case for flavourings, as ‘natural’ is a clearly defined notion in the EU regulations. At MANE, we have over 140 years of experience in natural ingredients and have the expertise to provide a wide range of natural flavourings and extracts. We also continue to work on different fronts, from sustainable development for sensitive raw materials to new technological processes leading to value added compounds in our PURE CAPTURE™ platform, which encompasses our natural solutions to address the economical, regulatory and sensorial challenges of natural flavours.


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